While manufacturing products, our company uses modern technologies and only qualitative materials that meet the high European standards and all requirements for modern tableware.

Warranty period is calculated from the date of purchase of goods in the retail chain, the warranty is valid provided that the rules of the product operation and maintenance are observed.

  • Stainless steel cookware – 2 years;
  • French presses – 2 years;
  • Aluminium cookware – 1 year;
  • Kettles without external coating – 1 year;
  • Kettles with external coating – 1 year;
  • Vacuum flasks and travel mugs – 1 year;
  • Kitchen knives – 1 year;
  • Knife blocks – 1 year;
  • Glass cookware lids – 1 year;
  • Ceramic bakeware – 1 year;
  • Carbon steel bakeware – 6 months;
  • Kitchen accessories and utensils – 6 months;

Manufacturer’s warranty obligations:

Be sure to retain your receipt and warranty card before the warranty period expires.

If you find hidden manufacturing defects or have any other questions regarding the warranty plan, please, contact the shop where you purchased the product.

The warranty does not cover:

Damage caused by incorrect use of the dishes (overheating, cracks and chips in glass lids, mechanical damage of bakelite and silicone accessories caused by falling of the product, deliberate damage or breakage of the product, or commercial use);
Cases where the product is self-repaired;
The cases connected with natural change of external properties of the product, which have arisen in the course of operation (change of colour of a covering in the course of use of ware, mechanical damages of an external or internal surface of a product (scratches, abrasions and traces of influence of abrasive and aggressive detergents) also are considered non-warranty;
Natural change of metal colour (iridescent and dark spots, lime points resulting from the use of hard water, etc., as well as the appearance of golden or blue shade resulting from overheating the dishes or cooking certain foods (tomatoes, lemon, vegetables, brine, adding salt to cold water) which is typical for stainless steel dishes and in no way affects either the functional properties of the dishes or the quality of the food being cooked.
Commercial use of dishes, as well as use of dishes and other products that violate the recommendations for use and care of dishes.

Any commercial use of all Coolinar-branded products is prohibited.

Please note that if all operating regulations are followed, the service life may exceed the period specified by the manufacturer.